Payday Loan Rules in Louisiana

Payday Loan Rules in Louisiana

Are you aware of unforeseen expenses not covered in your current budget? We have a solution! This type of microloan helps you to resolve money lack. To take advantage of it, you should carefully study the laws of the state of Louisiana regarding payday loans. Although the concept of such a credit is bound with a negative, payday loans are in demand, because it is simply impossible to foresee all possible events, and not everyone has a monetary “airbag”.

Knowing the laws before getting a loan is useful to protect both sides: the creditor from insolvent borrowers, and this one who seeks for loan from excessive fees.

Louisiana State Loan Disbursement Guidelines


What you are entitled to as a borrower:

  • For a money sum up to $ 350.
  • To pay not more than 16.75% of the sum you get.
  • For a loan maturity of up to 2 months as a short-term installment loan.
  • For a fixed fee for issuing credit documentation: in the state of Louisiana, it is $ 5 no more.

In addition, withdraws of 16.75% is no more than $ 45. But if you take a fortnight loan, the additional commission of $ 25 on top of interest will be required. Also, the Louisiana law determines the maximum for annual interest in fortnight loans. For example, if you take $ 100 for 14 days, the lender may set the annual rate at 650%.

It is the maximum financing rate and commission are considered to be the biggest cost items that fall on you as a borrower. And in general, with such calculations, you will notice that it is quite an expensive pleasure.

But it should be noted before the adoption of the law on crediting in Louisiana, the costs of micro crediting were even more monstrous. And this is one of the real facts why the attitude to such loans in society has formed in a negative connotation.

Therefore, carefully think over whether it is suitable for you, although for emergencies a payday loan is often the only solution available.

Spend a little time to make a small calculation before contacting a loan officer.

Usually, a person takes such loans in a state of stress or extreme urgency. And this haste is understandable because otherwise, micro credits in Louisiana would not be in demand. But it’s worth a little concentration and you shouldn’t not run to the very first credit organization, Better learn more about several options and study the conditions and choose the most loyal crediting organization for your requirements.

In the process of searching and studying data, pay special attention to the following facts:

  • What terms you take a loan and what is waiting for you while repayment ahead of schedule or delayed loan.
  • What commissions will you pay at registration?

Taking to note the basis of all this info you’ll choose the most appropriate one. Just get data about all the lenders you are interested in using the global network. It is no secret that among lenders issuing short-term loans, fierce competition reigns, and global web search will give you the best offers.

Louisiana has loyal requirements for short-termed borrowers. A minimum set of documents is needed, and your previous credits do not play a special role – its lenders do not study. Therefore, the minimum percentage of rejected applications for a loan before salary, which is often used by those people whose credit history is hopelessly damaged.

Moreover, you do not have to go and get cash at the organization where you take a loan or deal with checks that need to be cashed at the bank. All the sum will go to your account, so it is of high necessity to open it in advance. This is one of the requirements that lenders make.

Take the opportunity to spend them or pay urgent bills as soon as a notification about replenishment of your account arrives. Therefore, carefully study all the nuances so as not to run into predatory interest and use a payday loan as a convenient tool to solve your urgent financial problems.

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