In this section we’ve prepared for you answers to the questions that you might have been concerned with, taking into consideration the way we do business with our clients and how the whole process of application together with fund trunsfer is organized. If you fail to find the info you are concerned with, you can rely on our customer support. We are ready to make our service plain and understandable for each of you.

  • How can be a short term loan defined?

It is a sum of money up to $1000 which is considered to be paid off within 4 weeks and less. (the terms can diverge from state to state). High acceptance rate is what marks us out from traditional ways of borrowing, because the lenders secure it with lendee’s income.That is why , lot of our site users  may get the positive response regardless their imperfect  banking history and get access to this option in a relatively short run.

  • How can I meet the demands for “Yes”?

Actually, the demands are not complicated, so they are:

  • to be an 18 + American;
  • to turn in valid data about yourself;
  • to be in work legally or/and to have solid returns;
  • having a functional banking account is a must.

Depending on a lender there can be demanded more details, and it can take a little bit more time, but it is not mission-critical.

  • Is my private info under secure?

We use special technolgies aimed at protection of you personal data. We do not share the personal details with outside parties. You leave the info only for the lenders that we do business with. For more details have a look at our Privacy Policy.

  • Is a short run to get the money I borrow?

You are to spare several minutes of your precious time for filling in the request form. Matching with a creditor won’t take more than an hour. You can do it at any time in a 24-hour period. In case of positive response you are to make a deal with a creditor.The whole process of linking a deal is Online.If one tilt toward the rejection of loan offer , the loan request can be repeated. In case of making a deal you can be given money the next B-day. They are to be trunsferred on your banking account.

  • What if I can’t boast a good credit score?

Well, even applicants with credit scores that leave much to be desired can resort to our service, because short-term loans are secured by lendee’s income. One can have a chance to take loan, but quite often bad credit score can have influence on terms of borrowing and ammount of money that the applicant can lay account with.

  • Should I contact a lender directly?

You can do it only if you’ve got any questions concerning terms of contract by direct contacting a creditor. We are not involved in the process, all we are responsible for is matching. We do business only with trust-worhy creditors.

  • Is it possible to renew a loan?

Yes. it is possible. But it is not allowed to do so in some states. So you are to check the information regarding your state. This procedure can be done in cases when a borrower is not able to pay off in due time. But you are to bare in mind that you’ll have to pay additional fees and the interest rate will be higher.

  • What if I’ll fail to pay off in due time?

Before signing an Agreement we advise you to study carefully its terms, especially penalties in case of defaulted payment.All the practises which deal with penalties are regulated according to the federal and state laws. Please, if you feel that there’s such a possibility of mispayment let your lender know about such a thing. Together you can deside what to do further.

  • Can I take several loans simultaniously?

This point is regulated by terms and laws of a certain state. Again it varies from state to state. Nevertheless, you are to specify the moment with your creditor before signing Online Agreement.

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

  • Can Unemployed person apply for a loan?

You can try, but positive reply cannot be guaranteed.