How to buy a home ?

How to buy a home ?

Five simple but very useful tips on how to buy a home without a mortgage in 5-7 years!


75% of people are sure that it is impossible to become the owner of their own home without the help of loans, mortgages and banks on their own.

However, it is not! 

Let’s look at a few life hacks with you on how to make it real.

 1. Purpose

First, sit down and count the exact amount you need.

Do you want to buy a new building or secondary housing, how many rooms, etc. Increase this amount by about 15%, as prices are gradually increasing.

Calculate the amount and divide it by the number of months (if it’s five years, divide the amount by 60

 2. We start counting expenses

Download a program to your phone that will help you do home bookkeeping, down to every penny.

You should really see where and how much money is being spent.

 3. Reducing expenses 

Learn to plan your entertainment expenses.

Allow yourself the joy of life not every day, but, say, a couple of times a month.

For example, buying less junk food and sweets, quitting smoking – this will significantly help you reduce expenses!

And of course, follow a few rules: go to the store with a ready-made list of groceries, come to the store full, pay in cash, not with a card, buy in places where it is cheaper.

And if, in addition, you have the opportunity to give up the car or live with your parents this time, you will get a decent amount in a year!

 4. Think about additional income

Maybe it will be freelancing for a couple of hours in the evening or on weekends, or maybe it will be a deposit with interest, etc. You can also save this money for your home. 

5. We plan a family budget

At the end of each month, plan your spending for the next.

Strictly follow the plans.

It is important that the expenses do not exceed the planned ones! 

You will be surprised when you discover how the amount needed to buy a home accumulates.

And you yourself, without getting into debts and mortgages, collect the amount you need!


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