How to buy a house?

How to buy a house?

7 Easy Tips To Buy a Home

Sometimes it rather difficult even to think about buying a property because it really takes lots of energy and time. So use the following easy tips to make this process pleasant.

TIP 1 Study the Real Estate Market

You can for example not only surfing the net and look for advertisements, but as well try to speak with familiar people. Note if there are any changes in prices to understand the housing trends in your area.

TIP 2: Think about the Cost you Really Can Afford

In case if you are going to contribute 20-25 percent of the cost of housing, seek the property which costs approximately 3-5 times larger than your twelve-monthly income. Enter data in Affordability Calculator and you’ll see the real sum you can expect.

As well you can visit a mortgage banker and show him the amount of your savings and your income. So he will be able to calculate the sum the bank can offer you.And you will be prequalified for a mortgage.

TIP 3: You will need a highly qualified Real Estate Agent

To tell the truth, these agents are our helpers. Note they will be paid by the owner of the house. Ask the agents as many questions as you can, starting with if the house is in a good condition and as well if the neighbors are ok. Nobody knows the house better than real estate agents.

Tip 4: Start seeing Homes

In order not to forget all the details of the property, make some notes: photos or video of the variants you like. Pay your attention to such details as

if the doors and windows work well;

if the water pressure is strong enough;

try to switch light on and off;

where are the windows of the house and if noise from cars is heard inside the house;

if there is enough place to stay your car;

if there are any shops, schools, cafes, and public transport near the home.

Do not be in a hurry and make a good choice, try to reach an agreement on a price.

Tip 5: Choose the Loan

There are different loans so ask questions in bank and choose the loan according to your wishes: some clients want to have equal monthly payments, others prefer to make large payments to pay off a loan faster.

Tip 6: Home should be appraised

Call the appraiser. It is an independent expert who will fairly calculate the cost of the property.

Tip 7: Sign documents to close the Sale

It usually takes a bank 3-5 days to transfer the money to the seller account. After all checks are made, you will be a host of your new home!

Proverbs for every day! 

 Buy what you like!

*  Listen to advice, but make the decision yourself!

 Always buy in a good mood!

* To be continued…

( Tips from Eugene Kliuchenia )

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