Males and females: Who toss about money more?

Males and females: Who toss about money more?

Actually, this question:” Who toss about money more: men or women? “Is an interesting subject for discussion. While trying to satisfy the question we should bear in view such characteristics as wage rates, interest areas and thrift. But again it’s just criteria. In reality everything depends on a person. Exceptions to general rules existed, exist and it will exist.

Though, let’s have a look at the statistics.

Can you imagine the following situation: you are coming along the street and suddenly you see the following: a store sign “SALE”. What will be your next step? Go shopping or ignore? If your answer will be “Go shopping”, 23.7 % of women and 4.5 % of men will do the same. As you can see females are more ready to buy things unexpectedly in comparison with males. Especially when females see this magic word: “Sale”. So in this respect women spend more money.

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Turning to such factor as thrift, 60% of women have more money holdings than indebtness. Coming back to men, it will be 49%. Relying on the statistical data, in this case females are thriftier.

Touching upon the criterion that deals with interest spheres, we have the following data:

of their budget males lash out on investment, amusements, sport, females and plays for money.
of their budget females lash out on family, purchases, beauty, on exercise, and ” lonely hearts column”
Men are more concerned about their retirement benefit (71% of savings). 66% of women are also concerned with it.
  • And also men and women have something in common. Y/Y both men and women spend approximately 6602 $ on Food, 9004 $ on transport, Health Care 3631$ and housing 17148$.
  • As you can see it’s hard to say who spend more money. In some cases females, in others males. However, it’s all relative.