15 approaches not to resort to Payday Loans

15 approaches not to resort to Payday Loans

Fifteen ways to have your money.

Being short of currency we quite often choose Payday Loans. Emergency situations catch us and we need money to buy some repair parts for a car, to honor medical bills and other unexpected purchases. The first thing that comes into our mind is Payday Loans is the only bailout plan.

But is it possible to help yourself without turning to this type of a credit? Let’s have a look. Below there will be presented several varies how not to fall back upon Payday Loans.

Approach №1 Use a bank-note

  • Using bank-not you can also pay for the bills, it also deals with cash advances, if you need disposable funds. Don’t forget to check your balance.

Approach №2 Overdraw the account

  • If your credit score is not so dramatic, many banks will be ready to cash your credit. They’ll also set certain limits concerning disbursement of loan and lending terms.

Approach №3 Consumer Loan

  • When you want to borrow the sum of money larger than Payday Loans can offer, or for a more extended time, Consumer Loan is the best solution for you. For what purposes it can be used? For education, medical treatment, repairs, etc. What are the requirements for the borrower? To demonstrate one’s capacity for redemption and to pay every month fixed sum of money, until the whole sum of money will be paid off.

Approach №4 Draw on Pension Fund

  • If you’ve got 401(k), you can draw on some money from money holdings. But don’t forget to repay money; otherwise you’ll have to pay penalty duty.

Approach №5 Perpetual Insurance

  • One more bailout plan is your Perpetual Insurance. And there will be again one more remark: mind that you’ll have to give the money back by paying well-timed monetary amount.

Approach №6 Hack – work

  • Being in need is a good time for searching for hack –work. Probably, someone you know needs assistance or a help in a certain job (e.g. repairs, gardening). You can help this person and get a  certain sum of money.

Approach №7 Get rid of unnecessary things

  • Sell out things that you don’t need any more and again you’ll “earn” money. You can organize such event via social networks, for e.g. Facebook. People from all the corners of our country will see your offers.

Approach №8 Work, work, work, work!

  • Ask for more working hours at your steady job. Probably, if your activity timetable allows, you can get one more shift. The more you work, the more money you’ll earn.

Approach №9 Second job

  • If you have free time, you can go in for the second job. One can moonlight as a taxi driver. Another can work as a nanny. If you’ve got some certificates, after attending some courses, e.g. design, work as a designer, etc. Private tuition.

Approach №10 Early wages

  • Ask your boss to give you a portion of your next month’s wages. It’s called wage advances, and is widely used by many companies.

Approach №11 Tax allowance

  • Quite often people who work can find out at the end of the financial year that they were paying too much for the taxes. Why should you wait so long? Do it now and demand the money from the tax overpayment.

Approach №12 Plan your budget

  • If you haven’t done it before, do it now! Plan every month what you should buy and how much money should be spent. What things are of not great importance for you .Start to economize and save your money.

Approach №13 Ask your family and friends

  • Ask you family and friends to help you don’t be ashamed. At least they can give you some tips how and where you can get money.

Approach №14 Make Internet work for you

  • Sites and ads can bring you money. You can become a blogger; people all over the world will start to read you, to follow you. By clicking your pages, people will “give” you money. And it’ll be a good side living.

Approach № 15 Make videos where you give tips

  • Through YouTube you can also get money. Just shot small videos in which you can share your experience concerning cosmetic products, or showing how to make up. Give your tips how to bring up the kids. Make your hobby work for you and be happy.

 Payday Loans Are Outlawed

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