Are Americans are infatuated with money?

Are Americans are infatuated with money?

It’s a well-known fact proved by numerous interrogations and observations that Americans, in the ordinary sense of the word, are crazy about money any everything that is relevant to it, including also prosperity and financial support. But one even cannot picture the real scope of the issue. And today in this article we are going throw alight on the issue “Americans and their infatuation with money”.

And we would like to start with by giving you food for thoughts. Just study these facts:

Fact №1. Nearly half of American nation who belongs to the fair sex admits that they cannot fall asleep long hours at night because thoughts about financial instability prevent them from going to their dreams. The sterner sex also has got the same problems, but it is 31 % out of all male American population.

Fact №2. 30 % of all Americans say that financial challenge doesn’t give them an opportunity to get good treatment.

Fact №3.More than a half of all psychological consultations concerned with stress are caused by financial challenge.

Of course, this phenomenon to be rich is not pure American, it can be observed all over the world. The thing is that it has been posed so through American films and teevee. In reality Americans want to have some food to eat and feed the family, a home to live in and a car to travel. Have a look at France, for instance, or Italy. There are can be observed pretty much the same things. Still, we cannot deny the fact that in USA the phenomenon is more demonstrated. It is strongly marked due to the fact that everyone who works to the max can become prosperous, everyone can try fortune and become the President or become a Hollywood star. That is what makes people all over the world to dream about going to the USA and grub away to become prosperous.

Probably, we should turn to other results of research. Sociologist Robert Putnam said that while conducting research he asked his respondents to say” What does good life mean for you?” In 1975 nearly 40 % of respondents said “a lot of money”, and in1996 he put the same question and that time for 63 % money was the key element for successful life. Today, of course, in 2017 those figures have skyrocketed. According to other interrogations, the 1st place among fears belongs to financial instability. Students are afraid of failure to find a good job or to be jobless in future. Those who is working is afraid of losing it. Everything is quite simple: no good job-no lots of money.

Nowadays more than half of American population is in the stock market, comparing it with previous years and decades the figures are the following: in 1900 that was only 1 %, in 1950-4%. The tendency is quite obvious.

Now let’s have a look how US nation spend their money. According to results of 2015 22, 7 % of all budget is spared on Housing, life cover and pension occupies the 2nd place in the rating with the result 11, 3 %, the 3rd place belongs to medical service with the result 7,8%, the 4th place is for food products-7,2%, the 5th place-cars(7,1%). After those bigger groups go the following: Utilities- 6, 9%, transportation-6, 1%, eating out-5, 4%, entertainment- 5, 1%, others- 4, 5%, gas-3, 7%.

Up to the moment we’ve cleared out that U.S. nation do really love money, like any other people all over the world, of course this phenomenon is a little bit exaggerated by commercials and films

broadcasted on TV; also we’ve looked through on what Americans spend their money( proportion)now let’s have a closer look at the figures.

Last year U.S. nation tossed about $10.7 trillion for shopping. For you to understand better for this sum of money there might have been bought three hundred private islands, two thousands aircraft carries.

We also want to give you some more examples: for beer on average is spent $96 billion per year, Over-the-Counter Teeth Whiteners-1,4 billion of dollars per year, costumes for Pet Halloween-310 million of dollars, chocolate- $16 billion dollars, cosmetics-4,2 billion of dollars.

As you can see Americans love money, they love to earn them and with no less efforts they love to spend it.


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