Payday Loans: Which company to choose?

Payday Loans: Which company to choose?

It is an incontrovertible fact that PD loans are extremely popular these days. There are so many applications for loans, and there are so many offers. And we decided to give insight into PD loans service and provide you with the results. We’ve selected the most popular PD companies and analyzed the way they operate.

So, welcome our top 8 PD loans services

8th place belongs to Check ‘n Go

Among positive remarks about the company there should be mentioned the following idea that borrowers deal only with the direct lenders, which gives the rein to require information about Annual Percentage Rate and fees.

Among negative remarks mentioned by service users, it is the high level of APR in comparison with other companies. If one reimburses the $500 payday loan within six days, one’s APR would be 1,520.83%, but if one reimburses it within 32 days, the APR would be 285.16%.

Besides, there were such negative things as protraction of fund transfer, some claims concerning the way managers operate their functions, taking cash from the banking account without advices. (for more info about complaints see here)

Still and all Check ‘n Go holds sway due to its stability on the loans market. It’s in business since 90’s.

The criteria to be approved are traditional. In case of loan arrears one can inform the lender and about rollover. Also Check ‘n Go doesn’t practice penalty for early extinguishment of debt.

In 2016 the average rating among users was 7.90 out of 10.

Besides, 90 % of the correspondents are satisfied with the way the application process is operated. Automatic-Withdrawal Repayment can be done through the service. Everyone can be consulted via telephone, e-mail and FAQs.

The principal office is in Ohio.

CashNetUSA (7th place)

Next goes CashNetUSA(7th place) with the rating 8.10 out of ten.(according )to  This one or the largest network of PD loans in the world is famous for its flexibility and availability. Among complaints here again should be mention high Annual Percentage Rate (912%).Besides, there were mentioned some non-positive reviews concerning the way personal loans are given (300% of charge).To add more positive moments about this company, we should also say that everyone is able to borrow off when it is needed, as long as one have not already surpassed the maximum of it out.

The 6th place goes to Check Into Cash

The 6th place goes to Check Into Cash. The rating is 8.13 out of 10. (according to payday loan service review. ) Just like in Check ’n Go the customers deal only with the direct lenders, that’s a plus. Among inconvenient moments the customers quite often mention the absence of application via telephone. Some active Internet users also mention rude attitude towards them from the part of some managers.

Nevertheless this company has got a right to be taken into consideration, twenty years in business speaks for itself.

5th position and a company RISE

And we are moving on to the 5th position and a company RISE. 9.08 out of ten. (according ) Among positive moments, for sure there should be mentioned the way the process of lowering the APR, including discounts on the future loans.  And again it’s a direct lender. 100 % of customers are satisfied the way the process of application is organized.

The principal office is in Texas. In business since 2013.

he 4th position goes to Lend Up

The 4th position goes to Lend Up(9.25 out of ten). The principal office is in California. It has been in business since 2012.

What is particular about this service is that it they practice Reward Points System that is designed to lower one’s APR. In other words, it’s a fast short termed loan, which has got such bonus as the possibility to decrease one’s rate over time. One more remark about the APR varies between 125%  up to 364% which looks more realistic for many customers. Analyzing the reviews about the company, most of them are positive, there were some remarks about the management.

24/7Loan ranks the 3rd place in the list

24/7Loan ranks the 3rd place in the list. If there is a motto of the company, it should sound like: “Fast, with no stress and paperwork”. But at the same time bear in mind that it is not a direct lender, which means that there cannot be any security concerning APR, for e.g. In other words the APR, the amount of money and fees depend on the lender with which you’ll be” working”.

The office is based in Arizona, functions since 2005. The average rating is 9.58. (according )

Our “silver medal” belongs to NetLoanUSA

The clients quite often say that it’s one of the fastest PD loan services, everyone who is in need can easily be connected with a lender. (not a direct one) Anf again the problem in this case is that a particular lender sets the sum of money to be given, APR to be charged and etc.

Among pluses there can also be mentioned easy navigation of the site, a well-organized Support – Desk.

The rating among the clients is high enough to trust the company. (9.83 out of ten according to All in all, website and the process of application satisfies 95 % of correspondents.

11 years on the market, so we think that the company also deserves your attention.

And the winner is 100DayLoans

Why one should choose this particular service?

  • The rating is 10 out of 10
  • A well-organized system of help and consultation ( telephone calls, online consultation, through e-mail, FAQs)
  • Fast approval
  • The service is available in 42 states
  • Offers of a comparatively small APRs

So as you can see all the companies presented in this article deserve your attention. In difficult times you can resort to Payday Loans. While making a choice , which company to turn to, also don’t forget to think it over if you really need such financial help and that you can really pay back on time.